Grass, sun and nothing besides (Merv's favourite place)

And now Merv’s favorite place: the forbidden zone behind the prefabs. Now Merv’s panic room. His little sanctuary. His place of peace. He’d come here when school became too much for him. When the other kids became too much for him. He’d lie back in the long grass and close his eyes and dream of some better place, and sometimes we’d lie beside him.

No kids shouting….No kids voices….No crowded corridors…No sound of the bell, shunting you from lesson to lesson…Just grass and peace and sun. And buttercups. And flowering grass. The caretaker couldn’t get his lawnmower there. He couldn’t tame it. It was a taste of life after the revolution. After the spiritual revolution. After the revolution of the workers. It doesn’t matter which. Peace, peace, and nothing besides. Grass, sun, and nothing besides…

Lars Iyer, Nietzsche and the Burbs, 141.